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Enjoying honest and pure quality does something to you. The senses are stimulated and the mind is enriched. It is about those small moments, where time stands still for a brief point in time. And offers an exceptionally rich taste that reveals its origins and the good care of many. Enjoy each sip!

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Your Cup of Taste at home

Treat yourself to genuine quality coffee at home. Whether it is the start of the day or to enjoy your lazy weekend. Taztu is your cup of taste.

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Your Cup of Taste at work

The quality of your coffee says a lot about your company. Let yourself, colleagues and clients enjoy the tasteful and high-quality coffee from Taztu.

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Your Guest’s Cup of Taste

A premium bar or restaurant serves only the best to its guests. Treat your guests to the finest quality of coffee available. Serve your guests Taztu.

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With service, knowledge and sustainable quality, Taztu wants to set a new standard in the Dutch coffee market and contribute to a vibrant and southern coffee culture. Taztu has been supporting a national baristi campaign by Grand Marnier for a few weeks now. Hereby specially trained baristi from Guest Republic visit a large number of selected hospitality businesses with an exclusive mobile coffee bar in a year's time. A Grand Cappuccino or Grand Espresso of your choice is then prepared with Grand Marnier at the table. The campaign focuses on promoting the coffee craft, authenticity, luxury, warmth and tradition.


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Taztu has more than 40 years of experience in growing, processing and trading coffee. Hereby Taztu has made new coffee variations and qualities accessible to people all over the world. The founders of Taztu have spent a lot of time in various coffee countries and worked closely with local farmers in Central and South America, Africa and Asia. Our team has always focused on setting up 100% natural and sustainable supply channels and developing superior 'gourmet' quality coffee. After operating as a supplier of large coffee brands for a long period, we have now translated our passion and experience into a new and exclusive coffee brand. We want consumers to experience the art and enjoyment of coffee drinks.

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Taztu’s mission

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With our passion, enthusiasm and knowledge, we want to set a new standard in the premium market segment. Through service, education and the best quality that the world of coffee has to offer, we want people to understand and appreciate the true origin of coffee. We also want to support everyone who grows coffee in a natural and sustainable way.

Taztu’s vision

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Our focus is to initiate and contribute to a vibrant and extensive coffee culture that values honest and genuine quality. We want to continue to develop very attractive and exclusive coffees and to become a market leader in the premium coffee market segment.

Quality Control

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Taztu is 100% natural. To guarantee the high quality, sustainable production and fair origin, Taztu is involved in the complete process from picking, sorting, drying, processing and testing the beans to transporting, roasting and packaging the coffee. Taztu only uses unmixed 'Single Origin' Arabica (from a region of origin). This makes Taztu coffee 100% unique and fresh. To guarantee high quality, sustainable production and fair origin,  Taztu is involved in the complete process from picking, sorting, drying, processing and testing the beans, to transporting, roasting and packaging the coffee. Taztu uses only unmixed 'Single Origin' Arabica (from a region of origin). This makesTaztu coffee 100% unique and fresh.

Taztu's first coffee label is the Gayo Sumatra Gold. This is without a doubt one of the best and tastiest 'Single Origin' coffees in the world. With its full body, low and soft acidity and strong rich taste, the Gayo Sumatra Gold is full of notes of dark chocolate.

Treat yourself and your guests to real quality coffee in every place and every time. Whether at home with friends, at the office with colleagues and clients or to serve to your guests in bars & restaurants, Taztu is Your Cup of Taste.

Our Coffee Specialists throughout the Netherlands

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Taztu coffee is available both online and offline. Below is an overview (alphabetically by place name) of our carefully selected specialty coffee shops and caterers throughout the Netherlands.

Do you have a specialty coffee shop and do you want to deliver sustainable quality? Contact Taztu. Send us a message or call us at 0229 - 24 46 76.

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