Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I buy Taztu?
All Taztu coffee can be ordered online (C.O.D). Delivery takes place within 2 days. Taztu can also be ordered at specially selected delicatessens: - our coffee - where to buy Taztu.

2. Is Taztu coffee organic?
All Taztu coffee is 100% natural and handpicked by small holder farmers, using shade grown practices. To ensure the high level of quality, sustainable production and its single origin, Taztu is involved withthe entire process from handpicking, sorting, drying, processing and cuptesting the beans to transporting, roasting and packaging the coffee. Upon request Taztu can supply organic certified coffee as well as fairtrade certified coffee.

3. What does Single Original mean?
Taztu's Gayo Sumatra Gold is 100% unblended Arabica coffee from one single region of origin. This makes Taztu coffee 100% unique and exclusive.

4. What coffee machine can I use to make Taztu coffee?
Taztu's Gayo Sumatra Gold is available as ground coffee and roasted beans. This means you can use several machines/procedures. As far as beans are concerned, you can use espresso machines with an integrated grounder, or use a separate grounder.

5. What does Taztu coffee cost?
1 kg Gayo Sumatra Gold: EUR 24,95 (ex. VAT) | EUR 26,45 (incl. 6% VAT)
Delivery costs: 0-5 kg, EUR 7,95 (incl. 19% VAT), > 5 kg EUR 0,-

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