Your Guest’s Cup of Taste

Every quality bar or restaurant only serves the best to its guests. Treat them to rich quality coffee, serve them Taztu. Taztu's Gayo Sumatra Gold is undoubtedly one of the world's most tasteful Single Origin Coffees. With its full body, spicy flavor and great tones of Dark Chocolate it is the perfect finish of a great lunch, dinner or evening.

To initiate and promote a lively and authentic coffee culture in the Netherlands, Taztu sponsors the Grand Marnier Coffee Tour through a large selection of Holland's finest Bars & Grand Cafes. Excellent and well-trained baristi prepare a superior Grand Cappuccino, Grand Espresso or Grand Cafe Latte at the guest's tabel using a special mobile coffee bar and of course Taztu's Gayo Sumatra Gold. Not only do they demonstrate the art of preparing a great cup of taste, they also add a special experience to coffee tasting. Both brands, Taztu and Grand Marnier, represent quality, refinement, warmth and authenticity.

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